Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ella Girl

I just have to brag on Ella a little! She is so smart :) We had our first parent/teacher conference this past week, they started about 6 weeks ago, and like to get a plan together with parents early in the year. Mrs. Hopkins, Ella's teacher, is very nice, and funny - according to Ella.

Ella is in 3rd grade this year - really hard to believe. And when we are in the school together she's telling me all about everyone she sees in the hall. She is Miss Social!

At the end of 2nd grade they did testing she was at a 3rd grade level in Language arts and 4th grade level in Math! Then Mrs. Hopkins, went on to tell me that the reading goal for 3rd grade is to be at level P. (They started at A in kindergarten.) At the beginning of the term she was at level Q and has recently moved up to R! They keep track with testing their ease of reading different leveled readers. As Ella has already surpassed the 3rd grade goals, she will continue to be challenged with more difficult books, and Mrs. Hopkins will be checking her comprehension. She's a great speller too!

Every day school is a new adventure for Ella. We are so thankful that she loves school and always looks forward to going and learning more. :)

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